Tried and True Media

What is Tried and True Tracking?

We track 100% of your sales to the correct Facebook Ad into your CRM and then send that data back to Facebook to feed their ad algorithm, so you know which ads are driving your sales.

The Issue? 

Due to iOS 14.5, we can no longer rely on pixels any more so we MUST connect each Ad we run to the CRM in order to know what Ads are driving the results

The Solution?

TNT Tracking solves your ad tracking problem. Our users have an extreme competitive advantage and profit more from their Ads by having access to better attribution and analytics

How Does it Work?

We integrate directly with your Facebook ads manager and your CRM so we have a “server to server” connection.

If your ad campaign generates a sale on your CRM store, our advanced attribution algorithm will match 100% of these purchases back to the ad they came from.

We offer multiple attribution models so you can analyze first-click and last-click results from your ads and in different time based attribution windows like 7-day click or 28-day click.

We have a direct partner integration with the Facebook conversion API. We will send all high quality purchase data back to Facebook to feed their ad optimization algorithm.